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Table 2 Results of factor analysis of EQS-H questionnaire

From: Patient satisfaction in an acute medicine department in Morocco

  Factor loading
  Factor 1 Factor 2
I received clear information about:   
My symptoms   0.612
The purpose of the tests   0.775
The results of the tests   0.788
Purpose of the treatments   0.687
The possible side-effects of these treatments   0.712
Warning signs to look for   0.776
When to resume activities after discharge   0.728
Medical follow-up   0.634
The hospital staff and the ward:   
I could identify the doctor in charge of me 0.641  
There was enough privacy during medical care 0.750  
I received enough help in my daily routine 0.597  
Assistance for pain relief 0.740  
The promptness of nurses in coming when called 0.847  
The organization of the ward 0.788  
The atmosphere of the ward 0.804  
The readiness of nurses to spend time with me 0.781  
Percentage of explained variance 31.36 28.45
Mean score ± Standard deviation 22.5 ± 6.9 19.8 ± 6.2
Cronbach alpha 0.906 0.889