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Table 2 Patient organisations that participated in the study

From: Patient organisations and the reimbursement process for medicines: an exploratory study in eight European countries

Responding patient organisations:
   - Vlaamse Vereniging van Cushing Addison, Belgium
   - Astma en Allergiekoepel, Belgium
   - Vlaamse Diabetes Vereniging, Belgium
   - Nationale Belgische Multiple Sclerose Liga, Belgium
   - Belgian Heart League, Belgium
   - Dansk Parkinsonforening, Denmark
   - Heart Foundation, Denmark
   - Finnish Heart Association, Finland
   - Allergia-ja Astmaliitto, Finland
   - HyperSupers TDAH (ADHD), France
   - Diabetes Federation, Ireland
   - Young Parkinson, Ireland
   - Asthma Society, Ireland
   - Parkinson Patiënten Vereniging, Netherlands
   - Stichting Hoofd Hart en Vaten (SHHV), Netherlands
   - MS Vereniging, Netherlands
   - Nederlandse Vereniging voor Addison en Cushing patiënten, Netherlands
   - Astma och Allergi Förbundet, Sweden
   - Swedish Diabetes Association, Sweden
   - Riksförbundet Attention, Sweden
   - Schweizerische Herzstiftung, Switzerland