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Table 2 Reported compliance with evidence-based process indicators for acute stroke care

From: Patients' age as a determinant of care received following acute stroke: A systematic review

Process of stroke care Palnum 2008[10] Rudd 2007[7] Bhalla 2004[8] Di Carlo 1999[9] Fairhead 2006[20] Heidrich 2007[21] McNaughton 2003[19] Saposnik 2009[22] McKevitt 2005[11]
CT head scan performed Y Y Y Y   Y Y   Y
Angiography*    Y Y Y     
Thrombolysis therapy         ND  
Asprin/antiplatelet therapy commenced early Y Y        
Swallow screen/assessment   O      Y O  
Care in a stroke unit Y Y ND      ND ND
Carotid imaging   Y Y Y Y    Y  
Stroke risk factors discussed with patient/carer   Y        
Antithrombotic treatment by discharge ND ND       ND  
Anticoagulant therapy for atrial fibrillation Y        ND  
Antihypertensive therapy at discharge         O  
  1. Table legend: * includes conventional arterial & venous angiography, computer tomography angiography & magnetic resonance angiography
  2. Y = Compliance significantly favours younger patients
  3. O = Compliance significantly favours older patients
  4. ND = No significant age difference in compliance
  5. Empty cells = Process indicator not examined in the reviewed literature