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Table 3 Summary of the Monte Carlo simulation by area

From: Quantitative measurements of inequality in geographic accessibility to pediatric care in Oita Prefecture, Japan: Standardization with complete spatial randomness

Chubu 0.456 2.370 2
Hohi 0.340 2.736 3
Hokubu 0.341 3.159 5
Nambu 0.257 4.464 6
Seibu 0.367 2.950 4
Tobu 0.732 1.827 1
Mean 0.415 2.92  
  1. D for the travel time to the nearest pediatric facility was repeatedly calculated using a Monte Carlo simulation by area. is the expected value of the observed D (i.e., the mean of D from one observation and 99 simulations). is a standardized in-equality measure proposed in this paper as a new indicator. The rank of is shown in ascending order (the higher the rank, the more equal is the access).