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Table 3 Core objectives of prevention levels by AIDS-NGO

From: Core indicators evaluation of effectiveness of HIV-AIDS preventive-control programmes carried out by nongovernmental organizations. A mixed method study

Primary Prevention
Encourage the use of condoms and promotion of proper use
Increase information and prevention of HIV and other STI.
Conduct training and awareness activities for HIV/AIDS and other STI
Contribute to the improvement of the information on HIV and sexual health through various media (telephone, e-mail, internet)
Promote condom and hydro soluble lubricant use as a prevention method
Elaborate informative materials on HIV prevention
Gather written and audiovisual information on initiative studies and process experiences in HIV
Increase public awareness of the epidemic and disseminate information about AIDS
Secondary Prevention
Encourage the early detection of HIV/AIDS and other STI
Encourage the early detection of HIV/AIDS and other STI in the affected person's contacts
Offer medical testing services for the detection of HIV and opportunistic diseases
Tertiary Prevention
Ensure referral to medical services of individuals with positive diagnosis
Provide information and advice on economic, training, social and legal aid.
Provide information and advice on mental health issues
Promote human rights, equality and liberty using cultural mediation
Promote integral incorporation and autonomy in society
Develop mutual help groups of peers and encourage creation of social networks
Training of health and employment specialists
Encourage and foster support for individuals with HIV regardless of their gender
Promote and foster reintegration for seropositive individuals without economic resources
Organize events with broad social impact and including the media (combat stigmatization and achieve normalization)
Contribute to the change of attitudes on treatment adherence and safe sex