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Table 1 Market Access Agreements identified on websites of European health care payers and their classification according to the typology proposed by authors.

From: Market access agreements for pharmaceuticals in Europe: diversity of approaches and underlying concepts

Market Access Agreement Analysis of health outcomes data from a cohort or on per patient basis Provisional agreement or permanent risk-shifting Type of MAA
Two MAA for levodopa/carbidopa and rimonabant in Sweden [610] cohort provisional CED
12 MAA for oncology drugs in Italy [13] cohort and per patient provisional P4P or CA
One MAA for three Alzeimer's Disease drugs in Italy [3, 16] cohort and per patient provisional CED
Three MAA for angina pectoris and resistant type 2 diabetes drugs in Italy [14, 1719] cohort provisional CED
11 MAA developed as a part of NICE appraisal process [2136] per patient** permanent** P4P or CA; (CED**)
One MAA for Multiple Sclerosis drugs in UK [3, 37] cohort provisional CED
Two MAA for type 2 diabetes drugs in France [12] cohort provisional CED*
The MAA for RisperdalConsta LR in schizophrenia in France [11, 12] cohort provisional CED*
  1. For review of the schemes see [3, 7, 10, 38].
  2. *- unfavourable CED results assumed reduction of list price of the drug and is some cases also a rebate of money for sold packages
  3. **-one PAS assumed price reduction in case of unfavourable results of an ongoing clinical trial versus a comparator drug