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Table 1 Overview of selected proxy indicators by primary care function for Bolu and Eskişehir

From: A snapshot of the organization and provision of primary care in Turkey

Primary care functions Selected proxy indicators Findings FDs (N = 78) Patients (N = 1548)
Stewardship Department in Ministry of Health (MoH) specifically dealing with primary care (PC) yes
  % family health centres with patient complaint procedure in place 78%
Financing Employment status of FDs 100% state employed
  Remuneration method Capitation + Performance related payments
Resource generation % of all active physicians working in PC * 13.8%
  % provinces with Family Medicine (FM) being introduced * 16%
  % FDs among all PC doctors in provinces with FM being introduced* 72%
  Average age of FDs 39 years
  Hours FDs spend on professional reading (per month) 9.5 hours
  % medical universities with department of family medicine* 74%
  Average number of items of medical equipment available to FDs (from a list of 29 items) 21 items
  % of FDs reporting no or insufficient access to a laboratory 3.8%
  % of FDs reporting no or insufficient access to X-ray equipment 45%
  % of FDs with a computer in the family health centre 97%
Access to services % patients reporting copayments for drugs prescribed in PC 57%
  % of patients living within 20 minutes travel from PC facility 79%
  Average number of registered patients per FD 3715
  Average number of patient consultations per day 47
  Average number of home visits per day 1.7
  Average working hours of FD per week 46**
  Average length of patient consultations (minutes) 11
  Reported average utilization rate (frequency) by patient per year 7.6
  % of FDs using an appointment system 1%
Coordination of care % of FDs sharing premises with other FD(s) 90%
  % of FDs having regular meetings with practice nurses 77%
Continuity of care % FDs keeping medical records routinely 43%
  % of patients assigned to their FD (not chosen) 71%
  % of patients with their FD for at least 1 year 59%
Comprehensiveness % of FDs frequently using clinical guidelines 16%
  Score for FDs' role in first contact care for a selection of 17 health problems (range of score 1 (never) - 4 (always)) 2.47
  Score for FDs' involvement in the treatment of a selection of 18 diseases (range of score 1 (never) - 4 (always)) 2.59
  Score for FDs' or team members involvement in the provision of a selection of 16 preventive and medical-technical procedures (range of score 1 (never) - 4 (always)) 2.41
  % of FDs having regular meetings with local authorities 26%
  1. *at national level
  2. ** the official minimum working hours of FDs are 40 hours. Additional hours worked is on a voluntary basis.