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Table 1 Projects selected and interviewed for qualitative research

From: Disease management projects and the Chronic Care Model in action: baseline qualitative research

Project site Chronic illness Team Program
Clinic for eating disorders and addictions Eating disorders On-site leadership team 1 project leader (MD) 1 project manager (Social worker) 4 mini-project leaders 4 fold project to reduce barriers to access to support and treatment for eating disorders
GP practice group Cardiovascular risk (CVR) management On-site leadership team 2 project leaders (MDs) 1 project manager (RN) Manage CVR through patient portals, patient care plans, and interdisciplinary care teams
GP practice group Diabetes Consultant leader 1 project leader (Health care consultant) Train clinicians and other health care givers to manage diabetes in first line care
GP practice group Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) Consultant leader 1 project leader (Health care consultant) Find and recommend an effective ICT system and an expert COPD training team visiting each practice
GP practice group Multi-morbidity Consultant leaders 2 project leaders (MD, RN) Develop integrated approaches for the management of co-morbidity and chronic illness