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Table 1 Summary of the search strategy used for the systematic review

From: A metasynthesis of qualitative studies regarding opinions and perceptions about barriers and determinants of health services’ accessibility in economic migrants

1. Type of literature Source
a Published material · Medline,
· The Excerpta Medica Database –EMBASE-,
· The Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health –CINAHL-,
· Sociological Abstracts,
· Scopus,
· Lilacs,
· ISI Web of Knowledge -Web of Science, Current Contents and ISI Proceedings- and
· Applied Social Sciences Index and Abstracts –ASSIA
B Grey Literature · The Centre for Health Care Strategies,
· OpenSIGLE,
· The International Centre for Migration and Health,
· The UC atlas of Global inequality and
· Google Scholar.
2. Search Terms · Free terms: Delivery of health care, Health care, Public health, Healthcare disparities, Health Services Accessibility, Immigrant, Migrant (Demographic, Economic, Socioeconomic, Cultural boundaries).
· MeSH terms (U.S National Library of Medicine 2011): Immigrant and [delivery of health care; health care -public health-; healthcare disparities; Health services accessibility].
· For the other databases, the strategy was adapted accordingly to the specific thesaurus and free terms.