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Table 5 Fit indices for Trust and Teamwork Scale – Liberia final items (n=11 questions)

From: Lessons learned in Liberia: preliminary examination of the psychometric properties of trust and teamwork among maternal healthcare workers

  n=42 n=90
  1 factor model 2 factor model 1 factor model 2 factor model
Chi-Square Test of Model Fit 69.94(df=44), p=.0077 32.03(df=34), p=.5644 21.11(df=9), p=.0122 1.44(df=4), p=.8372
RMSEA .118 .000 .122 .000
RMSR .229 .140 .202 .057
TLI .861 1.014 .836 1.078
Chi-Square Test of Difference 31.38(df=10), p<.001 14.33(df=5), p<.05