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Table 1 Characteristics of the study populations

From: Feasibility, reliability and validity of a questionnaire on healthcare consumption and productivity loss in patients with a psychiatric disorder (TiC-P)

  Monitoring study (n=631) Collaborative care study (n=126)
Age (mean) 37.7 42.6
Female (%) 66.8 54.0.
Education (%)
Low 6.9 31.4
Secondary 43.3 33.1
High 49.9 35.5
Diagnoses (%)
Mood disorder 27 100*
Adjustment disorder 21  
Anxiety disorder 14  
Relational problems 14  
Other1 24  
  1. * major depressive disorder; 1 Other disorders included: disorders usually first diagnosed in infancy, childhood or adolescence, impulse control disorders, eating disorders, dissociative disorders, sexual disorders, substance-related disorders and psychotic disorders (in order of frequency).