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Table 1 Social network terms[1317]

From: Who are the key players in a new translational research network?

Term Definition
Actor Member of a network.
Broker A go-between or bridge, linking two other actors that are not themselves linked.
Central actor The actor who is nominated most often or who interacts with the most others in their network.
Indegree The number of ties directed to a focal actor. E.g. if 5 people nominate Mary as a collaborative partner, Mary’s indegree is 5.
Network A group of people having some form of interaction between them.
Node Actors in a sociogram are depicted as nodes connected by ties.
Outdegree The number of ties that an individual actor directs to other actors. E.g. if Mary nominates 3 people as her collaborative partners, Mary’s out degree is 3.
Sociogram Graphical representation of the relationships between actors in a network.
Tie Relationship between two actors depicted as a line in a sociogram. Ties must be clearly defined, as different relationships will give different patterns of ties (e.g. “who are your friends?” and “who do you report to?”).