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Table 4 Identified key players from the actual (Current Collaboration network) and perceived (“Who do you think are the most powerful or most influential or well-connected members of the TRN?”)

From: Who are the key players in a new translational research network?

ID Gender Self title Work place Role Central actor Perceived central actor Broker Perceived broker
LC64 F CR Central Director CC P, I, W   P, I
JA10 F R Periph Manager CC P, W CC P, I, W
AB27 M R Satellite Gov Body   P   I
BB28 M R Central Gov Body   W CC  
EB31 F R Central Member CC    I
DB30 M R Central Member    CC P, I
KA11 F R Central Member    CC  
CC55 F C Satellite Member    CC  
MA13 M C Central Member    CC P, W
UA21 M CR Central Gov Body     P, I, W
WA23 M R Central Gov Body     P
EA5 M R Central Gov Body     P
IC61 F R Central Member     P,I
SB45 F R Central Member     P
NA14 F C Satellite Member     P, I
IA9 M C Satellite Member     P
PB42 F C Central Member     I, W
UB47 F C Central Member     I
GC59 F C Central Member     W
EC57 F C Central Member     W
JB36 M R Satellite Member     W
LB38 M C Central Gov Body     W
  1. Key: P Powerful, I Influential and W Well-connected, C Clinician, R Researcher, CR Clinician-researcher.