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Table 2 Details of centres recruited to the study

From: Developing and implementing an integrated delirium prevention system of care: a theory driven, participatory research study

Hospital 1 2 3
Organisation District general hospital Foundation Trust Foundation Trust
Number of beds 480 400 650
Catchment Geographically dispersed urban and rural population Urban, ethnically diverse population Urban and rural population
Catchment population 200,000 350,000 300,000
Ward Elderly Care Elderly Care Elderly Care
Orthopaedic trauma
Physical/mental health
Roles of Delirium Prevention Development Team Members Consultant physician Consultant physician Consultant physician
Senior Registrar Staff grade physician Directorate manager
Staff grade physician Senior nurse Ward manager
Senior nurse Ward manager Deputy ward sister
Ward manager Staff nurse Ward clerk
Ward clerk HCA Senior occupational therapist
Senior occupational therapist Ward housekeeper Senior physiotherapist
Senior physiotherapist Senior occupational therapist Voluntary services manager
Occupational therapy assistant Senior physiotherapist Volunteer
Physiotherapy assistant Rehabilitation assistant Carer representative
Voluntary services manager Voluntary services manager
Volunteer Volunteer
Patient representative Carer representative