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Table 2 Each cell in this two by two table displays the datasets that are correlated against each other for a given scale-attribute combination, where the two scales are SLA and DGP, and the two attributes are headcounts and FTE/FWE

From: General practitioner (family physician) workforce in Australia: comparing geographic data from surveys, a mailing list and medicare

  Attribute correlated
   Headcounts FWE/FTE
Geographic Scale of correlation    
SLA   AMPCo doctor list, AIHW survey,
   AIHW survey AMPCo doctor list,
    Indirectly derived FWE
DGP   AMPco doctor list, AIHW survey,
   AIHW survey, AMPco doctor list,
   PHCRIS survey Indirectly derived FWE
    PHCIRS survey