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Table 1 Performance standards for ANC consultations

From: Evaluation of a quality improvement intervention to prevent mother-to-child transmission of HIV (PMTCT) at Zambia defence force facilities

Performance standard Number of verification criteria Content
PMTCT standards   
  PMTCT supplies and equipment 12 Preparation of drugs, supplies, and equipment needed for PMTCT
  HIV counseling and testing 4 Pre- and post-test counseling, HIV testing
  HIV/AIDS management in pregnancy 10 Counseling and referrals related to healthy lifestyles, ART, opportunistic infections, delivery, and continuity of care
  Family planning counseling 4 Counseling on pregnancy spacing, breastfeeding, and contraception
Overall PMTCT score 30  
ANC standards   
  ANC supplies and equipment 24 Preparation of drugs, supplies, and equipment needed for ANC
  Interpersonal communication 7 Cordial and respectful treatment of woman
  History taking 16 Personal information, obstetric and medical history, substance abuse, malaria prevention, test results
  Physical exam 9 Privacy, hand hygiene, urine sample, vital signs, anemia, thyroid, edema, breast exam
  Obstetric examination 10 Abdominal inspection, fetal heart rate and lie, external exam, hand hygiene and gloves, record-keeping
  Individualized care 10 Lab tests, counseling and treatment on medical and lifestyle issues, birth planning
  Follow-up 11 Addressing questions and concerns, reinforcing counseling, planning for return visit, record-keeping
  Syphilis management 6 Treatment, counseling on HIV testing and condom use, return appointment
Overall ANC score 93