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Table 5 Group education sessions: mean percentage of verification criteria achieved, by data collection round and study group

From: Evaluation of a quality improvement intervention to prevent mother-to-child transmission of HIV (PMTCT) at Zambia defence force facilities

Performance standardsa Comparison group Intervention group
  Baseline (n=11) Endline (n=12) Baseline (n=9) Endline (n=9)
Group education covers general ANC topics (4 criteria) 56.8 52.8 91.7 97.2
Group education covers HIV-related topics (11 criteria) 81.0 45.2 91.7 88.9
Leader makes sure information is complete and correct (2 criteria) 40.9 25.0 22.2 77.8
Leader employs good communication and education skills (11 criteria) 88.3 90.8 74.3 93.7
Overall group education score (28 criteria) 77.5 56.5 87.1 91.1
  1. a Missing values removed from numerator and denominator. N/A values recoded as missing.