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Table 1 Characteristics of study sites and participants

From: The impact of nurse practitioners on care delivery in the emergency department: a multiple perspectives qualitative study

Characteristics* Hospital site
  A B
Hospital Beds 445 758
Annual Discharges 29,939 83,898
Annual ED Attendances 51,105 61,939
Annual ED Discharges 40,323 40,713
ED Interviews
Nurse Practitioners (n = 5) 4 Nurse Practitioners 1 Nurse Practitioner
Senior Doctors (n = 4) ED Director# ED Director#
1 senior Staff Specialist 1 senior Staff Specialist
Senior Nurses (n = 5) 1 Nurse Unit Manager 2 Nurse Unit Managers
  1 Advanced Clinical Practice Nurse 1 senior registered nurse
  1. *Hospital statistics over year 2009/2010.
  2. #In Australia, ED Directors engage in direct patient care during clinical shifts in addition to general departmental management.