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Table 1 Key policies relevant to the proposed Uganda NHIS

From: Players and processes behind the national health insurance scheme: a case study of Uganda

Policy Provisions relevant to NHIS
Constitution of Uganda 1995 [26] • Objective XIV (b) is to ensure that Ugandans have access to health services
• Objective XX is a commitment to take all measures to provide basic medical services to the population
Health Sector Strategic Plan (HSSP) 2000/01–2004/05 [27] • SHI as one of the key objectives of its healthcare financing component
• Government would continue to develop and support alternative healthcare financing schemes
Poverty Eradication Action Plan (PEAP) 2004/2005–2007/2008 [28] • Objectives are pro-poor focused and are consistent with the MDGs
• Human development and improving health outcomes among the key priorities
Cabinet Minute No. 63 (CT 2006) • Directed the Minister of Health to issue drafting instructions for the bill establishing the National Social Health Insurance Scheme to the First Parliamentary Council; Directorate in the Ministry for Justice responsible for legislative drafting
National Development Plan (NDP) 2010/11 – 2014/15 [29] • Provides for the establishment of health-financing mechanisms (NHI and other community health-financing mechanisms) based on prepayment and financial risk pooling with the goal of achieving universal coverage and social health protection
NRM Presidential Manifesto 2011–2016 • Provides for establishing a national health insurance scheme as one of the work programs in the health sector in 2011–16
Health Sector Strategic and Investment Plan (HSSIP) 2010/11–14/15 [30] • Calls for health insurance, with the goal to increase financial access to healthcare and reduce the catastrophic expenses that impoverish households, to be introduced gradually, leading eventually to universal health coverage
• Commitment to fully harmonise health policies, standards, and guidelines for the East African Community by 2014–15
• Guided by the principles of: (i) access for all to a minimum package of services; (ii) equitable distribution of services; and (iii) effective and efficient use of health resources
National Health Policy [14] • Upholds the obligation of the government regarding citizens’ access to healthcare
• Guided by the same principles as HSSIP 2010/11–14/15
Cabinet Minute No. 84 (CT 2011) • Directed the Minister of Health to issue additional principles of the bill to the First Parliamentary Council taking into consideration stakeholder concerns