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Table 2 Relationship of NHIS*, Community Health Insurance Scheme, and Private Commercial Health Insurance Scheme

From: Players and processes behind the national health insurance scheme: a case study of Uganda

Common arrangements
Role of proposed Board of Directors of NHIS For oversight of health insurance schemes and in-house operations of public sector workers and their dependants scheme, the social health insurance scheme Represented on the Board. The NHIS Board will provide regulations Represented on the Board. The NHIS Board will provide regulations
Regulation by Insurance Regulatory Authority of Uganda. Yes Yes Yes
Participation in solidarity funds Provides funds to CHI for indigents Membership for indigents shall be paid by the NHIS Contributes part of the premium to the solidarity fund for paying premiums to indigents.
Specific issues
Ownership Government Private Private
Current coverage - 5–10% of the population where the schemes exist 1% of the national population
Target membership Public formal-sector workers and their dependents Informal-sector workers and their dependents. Employees and dependents from the private formal sector
Proposed/current source of funding Mandatory payroll deductions and contributions from both employees and the government Contributions from personal earning for those above the poverty line. Mandatory payroll deductions and contributions from employees and private-sector employers
Payment from the solidarity fund for those below the poverty line
Benefit package Stipulated in the bill Negotiated with the private healthcare providers Negotiated with employers, trade unions, and individual members and insurance companies.
  1. *NHIS: National Health Insurance Scheme;
  2. CHIS: Community Health Insurance Scheme;
  3. PCHIS: Private Commercial Health Insurance Scheme.