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Table 3 Results from base-case analysis

From: Cost utility analysis of reduced intensity hematopoietic stem cell transplantation in adolescence and young adult with severe thalassemia compared to hypertransfusion and iron chelation program

  Outcome measure RI-HSCT BT-ICT RI-HSCT vs BT-ICT
  Direct Medical Cost 83,733.58 28,651.11 55,082.47
  Direct Non Medical Cost 9,877.00 29,928.83 −20,541.83
  Indirect Cost 20,389.58 15,347.89 5,041.69
  Total 114,000.16 73,927.83 40,072.33
QALYs 26.50 14.11 12.38
Cost per QALY gained   3,236.37
  1. QALY = Quality adjusted life year; RI-HSCT: Reduced intensity hematopoietic stem cell; BT-ICT: Blood transfusion combined with subcutaneous iron chelating therapy.
  2. * ($US, year 2011 value).