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Table 4 Multiple logistic regression for associations between social capital and the evaluation of village health volunteers’ performance

From: Village health volunteers’ social capital related to their performance in Lao People’s Democratic Republic: a cross-sectional study

Variables Village health volunteers Health center staff
Adjusted odd ratio* 95% Confidence interval Adjusted odd ratio* 95% Confidence interval
Structural social capital     
  Group membership 0.89 0.60-1.32 1.05 0.73-1.51
  Support from groups 1.87 1.27-2.76 1.29 1.92-1.80
  Support from individuals 0.78 0.59-1.04 0.84 0.66-1.08
  Citizenship activities 2.10 1.19-3.71 1.67 1.01-2.77
Cognitive social capital     
  Cognitive social capital 7.48 2.14-26.10 1.28 0.65-2.52
  1. *Adjusted by age, distance between village and health center, education attainment, number of training sessions attended.