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Table 2 Socioeconomic characteristics of study households

From: Non-degree allopathic practitioners as first contact points for acute illness episodes: insights from a qualitative study in rural northern India

  SC/ST (in percent) Average years of household head’s education Average MPCE (in INR) Average distance of study villages to next PHC/CHC (in km)
Kanpur Dehat district, Uttar Pradesh 28.6 6.2 1781.1 5
Pratapgarh district, Uttar Pradesh 42.5 5.3 1194.7 3.1
Vaishali district, Bihar 33.8 4.1 1269.8 2.9
  1. SC/ST: Scheduled caste/scheduled tribe – historically disadvantaged groups in India.
  2. MPCE: Monthly per capita expenditure. INR: Indian Rupee.
  3. N = 1,039 SHG households (Kanpur Dehat district), 1,284 SHG households (Pratapgarh district), 1,363 SHG households (Vaishali district).