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Table 1 Presentation of selected SIMS items

From: Effects of a TELephone Counselling Intervention by Pharmacist (TelCIP) on medication adherence, patient beliefs and satisfaction with information for patients starting treatment: study protocol for a cluster randomized controlled trial

Item number SIMS item Original number
1 How long it will take to act. 5
2 How you can tell if it is working. 6
3 How long you will need to be on your medicine. 7
4 How to get a further supply. 9
5 Whether the medicine has any unwanted effects (side effects) 10
6 What are the risks of you getting side effects. 11
7 What you should do if you experience unwanted side effects 12
8 Whether the medicine interferes with other medicines. 14
9 What you should do if you forget to take a dose. 17
Excluded items:
  What your medicine is called. 1
  What your medicine is for. 2
  What it does. 3
  How it works. 4
  How to use your medicine. 8
  Whether you can drink alcohol whilst taking this medicine 13
  Whether the medication will make you feel drowsy. 15
  Whether the medication will affect your sex life. 16