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Table 1 Attributes of the organizations in Kirkos and Kolfe Keranyo sub-cities of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

From: Integration opportunities for HIV and family planning services in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia: an organizational network analysis

Organization attribute Sub-city
Kirkos Kolfe Keranyo
HIV services only 18 5
Family planning services only 0 1
Both HIV and family planning services 7 20
Clients served1 219 1350
Clinical staff2 10 7
Non-clinical staff3 2 5
Clients per clinical staff 29 127
Clients per non-clinical staff 19 203
  1. 1In Kirkos, the mean was 726, median 220, with a range from 15 to 8,000. In Kolfe, the mean was 7,754, median 1,350, with a range from 99 to 150,000.
  2. 2Clinical staffing included medical doctors, health officers, nurses, nurse supervisors, lab technicians, and specialists (e.g. surgeon).
  3. 3Non-clinical staffing included health extension workers, community workers, as well as paid and unpaid volunteers.