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Table 2 Motivations to speak up

From: Trade-offs between voice and silence: a qualitative exploration of oncology staff’s decisions to speak up about safety concerns

Motivation Example quotes from interviewees
Protect patient from harm “Of course…to protect the child from the specialist.“ Resident, pediatric ambulatory unit (L131)
“The point is that nothing serious happens. That is most important to me”. Nurse, pediatric ambulatory unit (L232)
Contribute to one’s image “I had the feeling that it speaks in my favor. That it demonstrates that I take my job seriously”. Resident, ambulatory unit (P127)
Protect the actor from causing harm “…to protect the patient, and of course, the nurse, who made the mistake. It is a devastating experience to be responsible for patient harm and I wanted to save her from that”. Nurse, ambulatory unit (P229)