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Table 1 Examples of questions used in the qualitative exploratory investigation, and examples of themes emerging from qualitative data

From: Contextualized analysis of a needs assessment using the Theoretical Domains Framework: a case example in endocrinology

Broad domains of qualitative exploration Example of exploratory qualitative questions (no precise behaviors targeted) Example of themes emerging from qualitative data (i.e., behaviors to be further investigated)
Diagnosis What challenges do you experience in screening and diagnosing growth disorders? Screening and management of GH deficiency
   Diagnosis of GH excess
Treatment What type of challenges (if any) do you experience in your treatment choices? Treatment criteria and guideline application in PGD
   Multi-modal therapy for GH excess
   Clinical decision-making regarding the choice of treatment in acromegaly
Management What (if any) are your challenges in effectively managing or monitoring your patients with growth disorders? Ensuring smooth transition of care from childhood to adulthood
   Referrals from primary care pediatricians to Pediatric Endocrinologists