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Table 4 Selected items from the clinical staff questionnaire: frequency and percentage response to patient safety items

From: The challenges in monitoring and preventing patient safety incidents for people with intellectual disabilities in NHS acute hospitals: evidence from a mixed-methods study

Within your clinical setting, have any of the following occurred involving a patient with intellectual disabilities in the past 3 years?(number of respondents =825) Number (%) indicating ‘yes’ response
Communication with the patient was not as good as it should have been 302 (36.6)
It was not possible to complete a full assessment of the patient’s needs 224 (27.2)
Certain tests or treatments were delayed because the patient was unable to give consent 196 (23.8)
Communication with the family or carers was inadequate 156 (18.9)
It was not possible to obtain advice from a [intellectual] disability expert at the time this was needed 131 (15.9)
Staff avoided the patient because of unusual, different or challenging behaviour 103 (12.5)
Certain tests or treatments were not given because the patient was unable to give consent 71 (8.6)
The patient did not get sufficient food or drink 52 (6.3)
The patient deteriorated unnecessarily 24 (2.9)
The patient was given the wrong medication, the wrong dose, or did not receive their medication 17 (2.1)
The patient was misdiagnosed 10 (1.2)