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Table 3 Diffusion of innovation as applied to community ownership of a text messaging project

From: A framework for community ownership of a text messaging programme to improve adherence to antiretroviral therapy and client-provider communication: a mixed methods study

Component of theory Application to community ownership of a text messaging project
Relative advantages to be gained Improved adherence to medication and appointment, assistance with pharmacy refills, psycho-social support, improved cohesion among PLHIV
Compatibility with existing practices Weak participation in community activities, text messaging widely used for other purposes
Simplicity of use, trialability and observable results Non-ubiquitous phone ownership and literacy, high trialability (opting out always possible), results can be appreciated by users
Receiver factors (attitude to change and perceived need) High acceptability and perceived need
Social system factors (social norms and tolerance for deviancy) Highly flexible system, positive health worker support