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Table 4 Comparison of the satisfaction of the overall care provided by ward staff during the hospital stay (as perceived by women themselves) to women with unsafe abortion (Cases = 171) and women with spontaneous abortion (SA-controls = 638)

From: Usual hospital care versus post-abortion care for women with unsafe abortion: a case control study from Sri Lanka

Overall satisfaction of the care received during hospital stay   Cases   SA-controls
  No. %     No. %    
Treated well throughout 72 42.1% 515 80.7%
Treated well but was harassed for not revealing facts about the abortion 66 38.6% 2 0.3%
Treated well only after revealing facts about the abortion 15 8.8% - -
Treated well initially but was harassed after revealing facts about the abortion 10 5.8% - -
Treated well but poorly informed of the condition 4 2.3% 62 9.7%
Confidentiality was breached 7 4.1% - -