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Table 3 Cumulative costs and live birth rates for one fresh and one frozen cycle transferring SET, DET and Embryo-Dx SET (Base case)

From: An economic assessment of embryo diagnostics (Dx) - the costs of introducing non-invasive embryo diagnostics into IVF standard treatment practices

Strategy Cost Incremental cost Live births Cost per live birth ICER vs. eS ET ICER vs Embry Dx SET
eSET €14,896 - 0.314  €47,439   
Embryo-Dx SET €16,687 €1,791 0.43  €38,807 €15,439  
DET €18,952 €2,265 0.473  €40,068 €25,509 €52,674
  1. ‡Based on cost comparison with eSET.