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Table 5 Pearson correlation coefficients between importance- and performance items on individual level and between average performance items in each country and the individual importance scores (mixed level)

From: What is important in evaluating health care quality? An international comparison of user views

Importance/performance items Individual level Mixed level
have a good understanding of my problems .346 ** .322
allow me to have an input into the decisions regarding the treatment or help I receive .277 ** .263
always take me seriously .126 ** .167
always keep appointments punctually .140 ** .081
not keep me in the waiting room for more than 15 minutes .150 ** .054
inform me, in understandable language, about the medicines that are prescribed for me .179 ** .170
prescribe medicines which are fully covered by the National Health System or social services .080 ** -.057
always be easy to reach by telephone .163 ** .184
make sure that I can see a specialist within 2 weeks after being referred to him/her .135 ** .119
always communicate with other health and social care providers about the services I require .281 ** .287
  1. ** p < .01