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Table 1 Current diagnosis according to SCID-I and SCID-II (N = 20 patients)

From: The care of patients with subthreshold depression in primary care: Is it all that bad? A qualitative study on the views of general practitioners and patients

Diagnostic categories1 Number of patients (N) (%)
No current disorder 4 20
Subthreshold Depression2 14 70
Major Depression 2 10
Dysthymia 2 10
Depressive Personality Disorder 2 10
Panic Disorder 3 15
Social Phobia 1 5
Bulimia nervosa 1 5
Hypochondria 1 5
  1. 1comorbidities of the exclusive categories "no current disorder", "subtreshold depression" and "major depression" with other categories possible
  2. 2 defined by fulfilling 2–4 DSM-IV criteria for Major Depression, so that patients with Minor Depression according to DSM-IV are included