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Table 1 Overview of outcomes and measurements in the study

From: The cost-effectiveness of a new disease management model for frail elderly living in homes for the elderly, design of a cluster randomized controlled clinical trial

Variable Instrument Baseline 6 months
Primary outcome    
a. Quality of Care RAI-LTCF criteria X X
b. Quality Adjusted Life Years Euroqol & thermometer X X
c. Functional health COOP-WONCA & SF12 X X
Secondary outcome    
d. Patient care satisfaction Brief Quote on elderly Homes X X
e. Disability ADL-IADL Groningen Activity Restriction Scale X X
f. Mood disorders PRIME-MD X X
g. Hospital days Checklist resource utilization Hospital records X X
h. Time to nursing home placement Registration elderly home HIS   X
i. Time to mortality Registration elderly home HIS   X
Economic outcomes    
Direct costs Patient/family Interview Registration pharmacy Registration medical records   X
Process outcomes    
Adherence professionals to disease management protocol Checklist   X
Adherence of patients to specific disease management recommendations Checklist   X
Potential Effect Modifiers    
-Sociodemographics Patient Interview X  
-Health status (morbidity, medication) Patient Interview Patient records X X
-House & personnel characteristics Staff Interview X