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Table 2 Group composition and discussion guide for the focus group discussions

From: Strengthening health system governance using health facility service charters: a mixed methods assessment of community experiences and perceptions in a district in Kenya

Age group and gender of focus group participants Number of participants per gender in each facility Issues discussed/discussion guide
17–24 years      • Barriers to youth/women involvement in health facility management. • Awareness of SC, its functions, and usefulness. • Experiences with using SC members. • Perceived effectiveness/responsiveness of health facilities and health facility committees to youth/women health needs. • Ways to enhance accountability within the HFCs using the service charters
  Male   12   
  Female   10   
25–34 years     
  Male 10    
  Female 8    
35 year and above     
  Male    10 11
  Female    10 9
  1. Source: Household Survey April – May 2011