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Table 1 Study variables

From: Validation and comparison of instruments to identify frail patientes in primary care settings: Study protocol

Domain Variables or Questionnaires Description Assessment
Socio-demographic Date of birth, health centre, sex Baseline
Control Data Date of interview, person interviewed Baseline
Frailty Modified Fried frailty criteria Unintentional weight loss, low level of physical activity, low energy/tiredness, muscle weakness, slow movements Baseline
Tilburg Frailty Index 15 items, 3 domains (physical, psychological and social) Baseline
KoS Model Age + Polypharmacy + Timed Up-and-Go test Baseline
Gérontopôle Frailty Screening Tool 6 items + Clinical judgement Baseline
Health-related lifestyle Physical activity - Short Physical Performance Battery 3 tests: balance, walking speed and getting up and sitting down from a chair 5 times Baseline
Tobacco use 3 items Baseline
Malnutrition screening - Mini Nutritional Assessment 18 items Baseline
Health Status Self-perceived health 1 item Baseline
Healt-related quality of life - EuroQol 5D 5 items + 0–100 visual analogue scale Baseline
Cognitive state - Mini-cog test 14 items, 5 domains: orientation, attention, concentration, calculation, memory, language and construction Baseline
Geriatric syndromes Sight, hearing and falls Baseline
Comorbidity (I) Review of 10 diseases in clinical record Baseline
Comorbidity (II): Cumulative Illness Rating Scale Review of 19 diseases in clinical record Baseline
Comorbidity (III): Charlson Comorbidity Index Review of 13 diseases in clinical record Baseline
Drug use Assessment of 5 therapeutic groups of drugs Baseline
Functional capacity Basic activities of daily living - Barthel Index 10 items Baseline, 1 year, 2 years
Instrumental activities of daily living - Lawton & Brody scale 8 items Baseline
Biomarkers 2 markers SOX2 and p16lNK4a Baseline
Health resources use Use of Primary and Specialty Healthcare Resources Primary Care, ER, Hospitalization 1 year, 2 years
Adverse events Loss of autonomy; Death 1 year, 2 years