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Table 2 Mothers’priorities

From: Improving childhood nutrition and wellness in South Africa: involving mothers/caregivers of malnourished or HIV positive children and health care workers as co-designers to enhance a local quality improvement intervention

Theme Illustrative quotations
Logistics ‘’Honestly, it was hell being woken at 4 in the morning and waiting till the doctor came at 9”. ‘’We had to sleep on 2 blankets on the floor” ‘’I waited from 4 in the morning and the queue went round the clinic” ‘’It needs a play area for the kids”
Attitude ‘’They shouted me. They said it was my fault (that the child was so ill) and that I had no shame.” ‘’She was so naughty, Sister…, (laughing) always making jokes” ‘’It is not all of them, we mustn’t take the negative and put it on top of all the positive, about 10 % are like that … the rest really try hard.” ‘’They turned me away (when she came late from work) and told me I would have to make a plan - I said I made a plan … I am here now!” ‘’I was so angry I was just ready for the fighting…” ‘’They were really good to me”
Communication ‘’I tried to explain and he (doctor) didn’t listen … he said my question was too difficult” ‘’I can talk to her about all my problems and she will always listen” ‘’They didn’t tell me why she was swelling” ‘’I know I have to give her mince and maize and bananas”