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Table 3 Interventions suggested and implemented by co-design teams [26]

From: Improving childhood nutrition and wellness in South Africa: involving mothers/caregivers of malnourished or HIV positive children and health care workers as co-designers to enhance a local quality improvement intervention

Improvement activity: already implemented or planned for Small scale Process design within team Process design between services Process design between organisations
Small screen for privacy at reception x    
Triage by senior staff at ED x    
Lazyboys (reclining chairs) for long term mothers - donations sourced   x   
Mattresses for mothers in the ward x    
All referred patients through clinic doctors    x  
Tracing of children through CHWs    x  
Tea for mothers in morning x    
Debriefing of paediatrics staff by university psychology department     x
Schooling     x
Library     x
Organisation of child files at clinics    x  
Ill children straight to ward from ED without waiting for results (with SOP) x    
Downreferral criteria in POPD x    
Departmentalisation   x   
Prescription pathway at clinics- plan/SOP    x  
Ward orientation tool for admitted patients x    
Soundproof area in POPD (moved to doctors room) x    
Urns for Paediatric ward x    
Psychological support for mothers     x
Play area at wellness   x   
Q marshals at clinics    x  
Q marshals at hospital reception x    
Positive attitude workshops by subdistrict psychologist planned    x  
Time appointments at POPD   x   
Point of care blood test machine in ED – on priority equipment list   x