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Table 1 Chronological order of DID in the Cluster

From: The success of the Uttarakhand Cluster: a case study of organisational change towards disability inclusive development

Date Activity
2008 Uttarakhand Cluster official formation (17 members)
2009 A few organisations decided to focus on inclusion of persons with disability
2009 Situational analysis
2009 (Oct) 5-day Disability Inclusion Workshop in Uttarakhand (CBM-Nossal)
2009 (Jan-Dec) DID training tool developed and printed
2010 (3 Dec) DVD produced and launched at a World Disability Day celebration
2011 (Jul-Sep) DID Fellowships (Australia) for three Cluster members
2011 Formation of a Cluster Disability Advisory Committee
2012 Massive flood – large response including people with disabilities
2013–2014 Development of Accessibility Fund (Rotary International)
2013 DPO formation commences
2014 Cluster has over 50 member organisations