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Table 2 Summary of success stories from four countries across the globe

From: Advocacy for outpatient cardiac rehabilitation globally

Country What did they do? What did they achieve?
Iran Developed a CR research center Enhanced research Discussion and seminars with policy-makers & insurance companies Directive from the Ministry of Health that all components of CR will be reimbursed by insurance companies Improved CR attendance
Qatar Developed clinical services and formed a CR planning committee Collaborating with other organizations for phase 3 CR Formed the working group of Qatar Association for Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation Improved CR referrals
United Kingdom Evidence-based campaigning for reimbursement Emphasis from national guidelines on CR and formation of standards for delivery of CR Created a National Commissioning Guide and Tool-kit to fund CR Improved CR referrals
United States of America AACVPR developed performance measures for CR Provided evidence-based campaigns from long-term studies Conducted government sponsored projects showing cost- effectiveness of CR Developed performance measures of CR HF included under indications for CR referral State health plans to cover essential health benefits related to CR
  1. Abbreviations: CR cardiac rehabilitation, AACVPR American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation, HF heart failure