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Table 2 Preventive Care and Healthcare Quality Measures

From: Associations between the patient-centered medical home and preventive care and healthcare quality for non-elderly adults with mental illness: A surveillance study analysis

Preventive Care and Quality Measure Measure Description Eligible Participants Sample Sizes Included in Analyses
Healthcare rating Gave all healthcare in last 12 months a 9 or 10 rating on a scale of 0 (worst) to 10 (best) Participants who received healthcare in last 12 months 4773
Cervical cancer screening Had most recent pap test within past 3 years Women age 23–62 who have not had a hysterectomy at any time 3133
Breast cancer screening Had most recent mammogram within past 2 years Women age 51 and older 1461
Colorectal cancer screening Had most recent blood stool test within past year, most recent colonoscopy within past 10 years, or most recent sigmoidoscopy within past 5 years Participants age 50 and older in panels 14–16 who have not had colon or rectal cancer at any timea 1531
Current smoking Smoked at the time the survey was conducted All participants 6697
Smoking cessation advice Doctor advised to quit smoking in last 12 monthsb Current smokers 1382
Flu shot Had flu shot within past year All participants 6758
Foot exam Health professional checked feet for sores or irritations at least once in past year Participants with diabetes 640
Eye exam Had dilated eye exam within past year Participants with diabetes 643
Follow-up after emergency room (ER) visit for mental illness Had at least one office-based provider or hospital outpatient visit with any provider with a primary diagnosis of mental illness within 7 days of the first ER visit with a primary diagnosis of mental illness Participants with an ER visitc with a primary diagnosis of mental illness 245
  1. a Data is not available in MEPS to measure receipt of colorectal cancer screening, as defined in this study, for panels 12 and 13
  2. b Participants who did not have any visits to a doctor in the last 12 months were coded as not receiving smoking cessation advice
  3. c Excludes ER visits that occurred after the first 11 months of the second measurement year, as well as ER visits followed by an ER visit for mental health or a hospitalization for any reason within the follow-up period