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Table 1 Flow chart of participants’ journey in web-based simulation and face-to-face high fidelity clinical learning environment scenarios

From: The impact of web-based and face-to-face simulation on patient deterioration and patient safety: protocol for a multi-site multi-method design

  Group 1 Group 2
FIRST2ACT Web FIRST2ACT In-situ face-to-face
Introductory preamble Short written introduction with explanation. Short verbal introduction with explanation.
Demographics and Pre-course MCQ A demographics form and an 12-item multiple choice questionnaire (MCQ). As in web-based.
Background material An animated slide show – with voice over from an educator. As in web-based.
Scenarios Scenario (i) – Cardiac scenario Scenario (ii) – Shock scenario Scenario (iii) – Respiratory scenario Total score and feedback provided. Each scenario runs for 8 min with acute deterioration at the mid-point. As in web–based. Video recorded scenarios are rated by attending researchers.
Feedback The software gathers all performance data for automated feedback at the end of each scenario. Face-to-face feedback will be conducted with an educator using video and performance records.
Post-course MCQ Repeat of the MCQ. As in web-based.
Course evaluation A course evaluation and reflective review of educational impact As in web-based.
Certification Download a course participation certificate Issued with a course participation certificate.
Course Manual Download the course manual for reflection and review Issued with the course manual for reflection and review
Time commitment 1.5 h 2 h