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Table 1 Medical conditions for exclusion from the study or requiring clearance from a medical practitioner

From: Pragmatic cluster randomised trial of a free telephone-based health coaching program to support women in managing weight gain during pregnancy: the Get Healthy in Pregnancy Trial

  Pre-existing conditions (at screening) Conditions developed during the study period
Excluded from the study Cardiovascular disease: • Arrhythmia/palpitations; murmurs: recurrent, persistent or associated with other symptoms • Cardiac valve disease • Cardiac valve replacement • Cardiomyopathy • Congenital cardiac disease • Ischaemic heart disease • Pulmonary hypertension Endocrine: • Pre-existing Type 1 diabetes • Cystic fibrosis • Phenylketonuria (PKU) Respiratory Disease • Sarcoidosis Severe lung disorder • Fetal death in utero • Small for dates (<10th centile) • Multiple pregnancy • Preterm birth (<36 weeks) • Rupture of membranes (<36 weeks) Placental indications: • Placental abruption • Placenta accrete • Placenta preavia • Vasa Praevia
Medical clearance required to participate Cardiovascular disease • Hypertension Neurological • Epilepsy Respiratory disease • Asthma Moderate (women requiring daily bronchodilators and steroid inhalers) • Type 2 diabetes (diet/medication controlled) Skeletal problems • Musculo-skeletal problems Previous obstetric history • Previous pre-term birth • Recurrent miscarriage History of mental health • History of mental health conditions (e.g. eating disorders) Endocrine • Type 2 diabetes (diet/medication controlled) Gastro-intestinal Coeliac Disease Endocrine • Pre-existing Type 2 diabetes now requiring medication Skeletal problems • Herniated vertebral disc • Symphysis pubis dysfunction Cardiovascular disease Chronic hypertension Obstetric related • Anaemia (Hb <90) • Fetal size small for dates • Vaginal blood loss • Pre-eclampsia • Gestational diabetes – diet/medication controlled Gestational hypertension