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Fig. 1

From: Frequency and clinical relevance of potential cytochrome P450 drug interactions in a psychiatric patient population – an analysis based on German insurance claims data

Fig. 1

Title: Definition of a DDE. Legend: Dotted line represents the victim drug A. Solid line represents perpetrator drug B. Black arrows point to relevant drugs for DDE definitions. a Definition of a DDE. Drug B is prescribed between prescriptions of drug A within a 28-day time interval. b Exceptional case of DDE definition: drugs A and B are prescribed on the same day. c I no DDE by definition: drug A is prescribed, within a 28-day interval drug B is prescribed, but the next prescription of drug A exceeds the 28-day interval. c II no DDE by definition: drug A is prescribed, the prescription of drug B exceeds the 28-day interval, and the next prescription of drug A lies within the 28-day interval. d no DDE: drug A is prescribed, then the patient is switched to drug B. No prescription of drug A re-occurs

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