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Table 2 Final codes generated during inductive analysis

From: Implementing a video-based intervention to empower staff members in an autism care organization: a qualitative study

Code Definition
Expectations Expectations of VIG e.g. whether they felt it would succeed, prior to getting involved
Feedback from staff receiving VIG Feedback from a staff member who has received VIG
Getting involved in VIG – personal involvement How trainee Guiders and managers came to be involved with VIG
Getting involved in VIG – staff receiving VIG How staff receiving VIG became involved
Ideas for use of VIG How VIG might work within the organization in future - ideas which are not realized yet but might happen
Impact of daily role How the trainee Guider’s daily role related to their ability to do VIG work
Meanings of VIG Perception and understanding of VIG within the organization
Own role in relation to VIG How participants see themselves as agents in the continuation of VIG
Perception and evaluation of the work What was easy or difficult about VIG work
Priorities of service, unavoidable problems Organizational priorities which might impact upon VIG work
Reach of VIG Perception of the organizational scope of VIG – how wide do participants think the VIG ‘net’ might be cast?
Reactions to VIG Reactions at time of introduction to VIG, and how they developed over time, including after having experienced VIG
Reflective practice How reflective practice is undertaken within the organization
Relationships between those involved in VIG Relationships with, or knowing staff involved in VIG; relationships with managers; relationships with service users
Resources to help VIG Resources which they think would be necessary to ensure continuation of VIG
Role of VIG Guider Any mention of the VIG Guider specifically
Seeing, showing, watching, visual image Any references to the visual aspect of images generated within VIG
Strategic co-ordination References to role that management play in either supporting individual VIG Guiders, or supporting VIG within the organization
Talking about VIG Sharing of VIG within the organization; the level of awareness about VIG within the organization
VIG terminology and references to training criteria Intervention-specific jargon, including criteria of Guider training
What could have been improved Suggestions of what could have been better