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Table 5 The medical expenditure, payment, and proportion in the rural area and the entire province of Guangxi

From: The impact of predisposing, enabling, and need factors in utilization of health services among rural residents in Guangxi, China

Medical expenditure and payment Guangxi province Rural area in Guangxia
Medical expenditure per physician visit (RMB) 86.7 99.7
Proportion of the payment of clinic expenses (%)
 NCMS account 20.7 28.8
 Reimburse partly or deduction 4.9 12.4
 Self-paid 74.4 58.8
Mean expenditure of hospitalization (RMB) 3648 2507
Reimbursement of hospitalization (RMB) 976 762
  1. a The data come from Household Health Service Investigation in Guangxi 2008