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Table 2 Interview guide

From: Are performance indicators used for hospital quality management: a qualitative interview study amongst health professionals and quality managers in The Netherlands

Topic Example of questions
Quality policy Are indicators part of the quarterly meetings with the executive board?
  Are the indicators discussed similar to the indicators used for external accountability?
  How are indicators fed back to the speciality groups or the heads of departments?
  How are indicators used for improvement projects?
Data registration How are patient data registered (electronically/on paper/etc.)?
  Can you give a description of the protocol on data registration?
  What can you say about the quality of data registration, in terms of completeness/accuracy/timeliness/mistakes?
  Who checks these registered data, or reports these data, and to whom?
Data collection How do you apply the definitions of indicators, such as irradicality or the completion time of e.g. door-to-needle?
  How are data collected?
  Who checks these collected data, or reports these data, and to whom?
Feedback How are you informed about the performance of your specialty group/department?
  Which information is used for feedback?
Use What actions follow from this feedback?
  How are these actions evaluated?