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Table 1 Attributes and levels for the DCE and related variables in estimation

From: The choice and preference for public-private health care among urban residents in China: evidence from a discrete choice experiment

Attribute Definition Attribute Levels Variables
Knowing Doctor Whether patients know who their doctor is Unknown a  
Known Known
Acquainted Acquainted
Hospital Type Three major hospital choices A-level Public (Large) a  
C-level Public (Small) Small public
Private Hospital private
Distance Distance from home to hospital (on bus) >20min a  
>40min min40
>60min min60
Time Waiting time in hospital = < 0.5h a  
= < 2h hrs2
= < 4h hrs4
Out-of-pocket Cost The amount of money paid by patient (RMB) 150 RMB($25)  
300 RMB ($49)
450 RMB ($74)
Number of Visit The number of visits needed to have the required treatment One a  
Two Two
Three Three
  1. Conversion rate is USD1.00 = RMB 6.16,, June 23, 2014
  2. a Baseline level