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Table 1 Parameter estimates for Model 1: Treatment Type; Model 2: Demographic Factors

From: Assessing key cost drivers associated with caring for chronic kidney disease patients

  Parameter Estimate Standard Error P-value
Model 1 Intercept 10.05 0.20 <.0001
Transplant −0.44 0.20 0.0267
Dialysis 0.53 0.17 0.0017
Model 2 Intercept 9.52 0.14 <.0001
Black 0.47 0.17 0.0062
Low Income 0.34 0.18 0.0570
  1. Model 1: The reference group is Non-dialysis Dependent- CKD patients (NDD-CKD)
  2. Model 2 Reference Groups: The reference group is non-black. Note that this group comprised primarily of white individuals. Since there were very few records corresponding to other ethnicities in the sample, it was appropriate to collapse them into the reference group. For the income variable, High income is the reference group