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Table 2 Articles Retained for Realist Synthesis

From: A realist review of shared medical appointments: How, for whom, and under what circumstances do they work?

A. Due-Christensen et al. [29]. Can sharing experiences in groups reduce the burden of living with diabetes, regardless of glycemic control?
B Culhane-Pera et al. [23]. Group visits for Hmong adults with type 2 diabetes mellitus.
C Clancy et al. [18] Further Evaluating the Acceptability of Group Visits in an Uninsured Population with Diabetes .
D Sadur et al. [50] Diabetes Management in a Health Maintenance Organization.
E Trento et al. [61]. A 5-Year randomized controlled study of learning, problem solving ability, and quality of life modification in people with type 2 diabetes managed by group care.
F Taveira et al. [57]. Pharmacist-led group medical appointments for the management of type 2 diabetes with comorbid depression in older adults.
G Kirsh et al. [3]. Shared medical appointments based on the chronic care model: a quality improvement project to address the challenges of patients with diabetes with high cardiovascular risk.
H De Vries et. al. [25]. Implementation and outcomes of group medical appointments in an outpatient specialty care clinic.
I Harris, M. [35]. Shared Medical Appointments after Cardiac Surgery - The process of Implementing a Novel Pilot Paradigm to Enhance Comprehensive Post Discharge Care.
J Miller et al. [45]. Group Medical Visits for Low-Income Women with Chronic Disease.
K Meehan et al. [44]. GMA -Organization and Implementation in the Bone Marrow Transplantation Clinic.
L Kawasaki L et al. [39] Willingness to attend group visits for hypertension treatment.
M Shojania K, Ratzlaff M. [54] Group visits for rheumatoid arthritis patients: a pilot study.
N Bray P et al. [14]. Confronting disparities in diabetes care: the clinical effectiveness of redesigning care management for minority patients in rural primary care practices .
O Geller JS et al. [67] Impact of a group medical visit program on Latino health-related quality of life.
P Naik AD et al. [46]. Comparative effectiveness of goal setting in diabetes mellitus group clinics. Randomized controlled trial.
Q Lavoie JG et al. [40]. Group medical visits can deliver on patient centred care objectives: results from a qualitative study.
R Cohen S et al. [20] Veteran experiences related to participation in shared medical appointments.
S Esden JL, Nichols MR. [33] Patient-centered group diabetes care: a practice innovation.
T Vachon GC et al. [64] Improving access to diabetes care in an inner-city, community-based outpatient health center with a monthly open-access, multistation group visit program.